Monday, January 9, 2006

What Is The Next Big Thing?

Okay the holidays are over and people have caught up from the back-to-back short weeks. It is now time to forecast what this year, 2006, will bring.

Google seems to get a lot of attention in the 2006 forecast game. Melissa Burgess sees the broadened interests of Google as "a technology company using search as a conduit to simplify life—to categorize, classify and provide the world with an easier way of finding information. Every other search company to date has failed to provide this as a means to an ever-changing lifestyle. And that is why Google continues to dominate".

There have been suggestions that Google could top $2000 per share - since they are trading over $465 right now and everyone seems to have them going a lot higher as detailled over at Threadwatch.

Funny they also have a thread about how search engines are leeches started by that old flamethrower Jakob Nielson. The comments so far make for amusing reading.

Then there is the article by Jamie Gottlieb over at the newly created Adotas about how China is growing fast and will surpass the US in users and every other category a lot sooner than many realise.

Guess the early weeks of January always bring out predictions. Personally I predict people will bitch about Google this year for all sorts of things. Yahoo! will have a lot of people bitching about its new AdCenter, as will MSN when they finally emerge out of beta and in full throttle free of the Yahoo! PPC ads.

And one or two other engines will be touted as being the number 4 search engine - though parties will be divided and this will be an ongoing debate....

Guess Bill Gates will find Google was a serious competitor before the year is out... unless IBM decides to get into search too.

Hope all have a prosperous 2006... it will definitely be an interesting one just like last year.

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