Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Charlie Rose Discusses Technology

Doing the usual channel surfing tonight I came across an interesting Charlie Rose with the founder of NetFlicks, David McInnis, and the technology columnist for The Wall Street Journal, Walter S. Mossberg.

Forces of Freedom and Forces of Control were the 2 elements McInnis saw the world developing under. The web is part of the Freedom Force - chaotic and rapid innovation - mentioning the changes developing for his business and the internet and the communication companies. Cheap access through lower cost laptops and increased bandwidth is part of Web 2.0 while when access reaches 10 mgs plus there will be Web 3.0 starting in other countries and then coming to the US. He sees his business having a longer shelf life with the addition of High Definition DVDs - which will not roll out across all cable and broadcast television. Though the forces of control such as cable networks and broadcast tel;evision do not move fast and are slow adapting innovation.

MsInnis worked for Public education as California School Board Director from 2001-2003, and has worked since 1997 to date helping with public school reform.

In five years he sees high definition developing to a higher level and DVD releases getting closer to theater releases though going to cable and other television later as this represents a lower part of the income movie companies derive their revenues from.

Mossberg saw the AOL and Google partnership as a possible false step for Google if the introduction of banners associated with the search engine results will change the dynamic and branding Google is known for. He also saw the valuation of AOL as not being accurate from a straight business value. To Google the value was higher as it was a significant portion of Google's ad revenues, thus the 5 percent equals a billion dollars means the whole company is worth $20 billion is not accurate - which I tend to support.

He also saw the adaption of Intel processors in Apple computers to be something worth tracking. Mossberg also saw the wireless industry as needing to lower it rates while improving its reach to help with its growth.
Covering all the search bases, Mossberg praised Yahoo! for its email and search, as he considered the evolution of Microsoft into the search industry as a major move by the most successful innovator of the internet age.

The show was insightful and gave me some new angles to view our industry.

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