Friday, August 10, 2007

The Google Honeymoon Is More Than Over

The change made recently to Google's AdWords pricing makes me wonder how the relationship ever started. We were seduced by what looked like an engine that cared and are now finding out we are being pimped.

I hear the words.... it is to help people get top positions - but come on doesn't that mean get people to spend more money.

Did someone actually sit back and say "how can we raise pricing and get advertisers to think we are helping them?"

Hell isn't having the lion's share of traffic enough. Must we be squeezed for every dollar?

Stating that Quality Score will have a lot more importance is dubious at best. The QS was already a major factor. Hey between that and the good old inactive actions the advertisers paid for Google's poor attempt to drive out the arbitragers. I brought that up at every arbitrage panel at SES and never got an answer.

This time around Google wants to jump up the bids by now using the actual Max CPC to determine placement.... I must be stupid but they have always used the Max Bid as a factor I thought.

Okay but really isn't the QS now just taking the place of the Max Bid... it is major influencer and has had the import of evaluations done by $10 per hour help. Some may be solid but the vast majority were looking for some easy money - can you blame them... so is Google.


  1. Hasn’t it always been about making there bank balance look good. It look very good around the time they floated

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one raving about this QS bullshit. I've been practically obsessed with finding some high profile industry veterans who are as disillusioned as I've become. I even posted a similar statement on my blog speculating that someone at Google said, "hey, how can we close this gap between what people are bidding and what they're actually paying?" It's madness!