Friday, January 5, 2007

Microsoft Gives Bloggers Laptops With Vista; And Grief From Others in Industry

Funny, the concept seemed sound. Get some well known bloggers to use the new Vista operating system and write about it. And to make it easy to do it, Microsoft sent about 90 laptops with the operating system installed.

The things had not even arrived before the bitching began. Bribes, yelled many. Bill is buying good press, yelled others . Some talked of journalistic integrity - others I think bitched because they were not on the receiving list.

Come on folks get a grip!

True the laptops (mostly Acer Ferraris) were worth over $2,000 each. But they were a clever way to get Vista on a system they knew was built to show its optimium potential. Why put high octane in a 4 cylinder Rabbit....

You have the laptop, do you really think the people who got them would feel pressure to sing false praise? If that is the case we should question all the blogs that are out there - including this one. But hey everyone knows you can't buy me - rent sure - but I am not for sale!

Let's be real.... I would have kept the machine - not sent it back to Microsoft or give it to charity... it has Vista already installed... it would have been a fun thing to have.

Hey I got an Ipod from Google for Christmas - and nothing from MSN - but I am not trashing them and praising Google... right now Google is doing more 'evil' things than MSN.

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  1. Nice point Frank. This is much ado about nothing. I think MS and Edelman could have been more transparent about what they were doing though. I think having it preloaded on a monster machine was a good idea. Much better user experience. Either way I didn't get nothin' from nobody so I say it stinks!