Thursday, January 4, 2007

Google Using Algo To Sort Through Job Applicants

Guess you can do a multiple choice or short answer test to improve your chances of employment at Google. Wonder how long it takes for someone to start selling the "Google Employment Hack."

The questionaire is being used to help sort through the myriad of appliucations Google gets - hey free meals, massages and all the other perks - no wonder Senior VPs are applying for junior VP jobs....

Google has always been creative with its employment practices. They used to have (could still) a billboard in the Silicon Valley area that was an equation that gave a phone number as the answer... guess you worked it out and called and went to the top of the hiring list!

I am really good at Soduko and crossword puzzles.... and am a wiz at analytics, excell .... oh wait I don't need a job... or want to change - well maybe when Eric Schmidt steps down - that would at least be a real challenge.

The article is here for those interested.

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