Monday, May 8, 2006

Yahoo Unleashing PPC - The Interface Wars Begin

Yahoo! is making major changes to the PPC interface and functionality. Their latest press release (below) shows how they are using some of the Google features to make their PPC process more user friendly.

The New Sponsored Search is Coming

Better Ways to Connect with Customers Will Make Your Advertising Even More Effective

You've told us your needs and we've listened. A completely redesigned search marketing platform is on its way, full of advanced, easy-to-use features that will help you better connect with Yahoo!'s vast and valuable audience.

As part of creating these enhancements, we met with advertisers of all sizes to hear first-hand the things they liked and didn't like about Sponsored Search. We extensively reviewed all parts of our service, including the design, features and tools. The result of these efforts is the new Sponsored Search, which will make its debut this Fall.

Powerful New Features
The new features that will make advertising with Yahoo! better and more effective include:

Ad Testing
Easily test multiple versions of an ad to find the message that works best for your customers and provides the greatest return on your advertising investment. You can then choose to shift impressions to the ad that performs best.

Display your ads broadly or narrow your geographic distribution to better target your customers, customize your ads and control your costs.

Campaign Budgeting, Forecasting and Scheduling

Create, budget and schedule individual advertising campaigns for greater control over your advertising strategy and spending. Review forecasts of your potential clicks based on your bids and budget and see how many clicks you're leaving to your competitors.

Fast Ad Activation
Most new ad campaigns will go online in minutes, allowing you to connect with customers quickly, and easily make changes to your ads whenever you need to.

Understand how well your ads are performing relative to your competitors with the new Quality Index displayed for each ad. You'll also see the bid range necessary for premium placement at the top of the search results page.

Campaign Optimization
Our systems can automatically adjust your ad rotation and bids to help you spend your budget most effectively, based on guidelines you provide for metrics such as CPA, CPM or ROAS, allowing you to focus your time on managing your business.

Easy-to-Use Control Panel
A completely redesigned, easy-to-navigate control panel will help you see what's working and what's not--at the level of detail you choose--so you can take action and get even better results.
Thoroughly Tested and Reviewed by Your Peers
These new features have been rigorously tested by your fellow advertisers and refined over time to ensure that we delivered a service that successfully addresses the obstacles you currently face. Judging by the overwhelmingly positive feedback we've received, we are confident that the new Sponsored Search not only clears away those obstacles, but offers new and better ways to manage your account.

Frequent and Detailed Communication with You
Your account team will be working closely with you every step of the way to make this transition as smooth and easy as possible. In addition, beginning next month, we'll begin to provide you with much more detailed information about all of the upcoming enhancements, including:

* A series of emails with tips on how best to prepare your account
* A customized account transition plan and transition packet
* Online training seminars
* In-depth articles on our new features in the advertiser newsletter
* A new Yahoo! Search Marketing blog--a community forum for tips, news and your comments, as well as the inside scoop from our own staff, to help you be more successful.
This is just the first step. After all advertisers have successfully transitioned to the new Sponsored Search, we plan to quickly introduce many more innovative products, features and tools that will give you even more ways to connect with customers.

As always, thank you for doing business with us. We look forward to delivering the new Sponsored Search to you later this year.

They are coming out hard - the interface wars are about to start - October 1st seems to be a date bandied about for the implementation of most of these features - including the CTR influenced CPC bidding.....


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