Tuesday, July 5, 2005

PPC on PodCasts

The New Media Report from Ad Bumb had this interesting item today:

Now podcasting has everything radio and the internet have—including ads. Podcasting advertising provider, PodcastSPOTS, celebrated this July 4th by introducing the first ever pay-per-click podcast advertisement on its own cast, the Ads On Pods Report. PodcastSPOTS' service equips podcast producers with both ads and content to help them generate revenue and increase their number of listeners. "We built a site that lets podcasters insert audio ads and podsafe music into their podcasts, and get paid on a per-click basis, per-insert basis, or a variety of other methods, and we made it super simple to use," PodcastSPOTS' co-founder, Mark Kanter, said in a recent statement. Speaking exclusively with ADBUMb, Kanter added: "As a podcaster, you could say ‘I want to have five spots on my show today.' You can make them five unique ads or you can make them all the same ads. And as an advertiser, you could say ‘Hey, I'll pay a little extra to be the only ad in your show.' So there are all kinds of ways to go about it and we put it all in there." This new ability to generate revenue from podcasts will no doubt help the infant industry grow, and we predict that advertisers and podcasters alike will be hearing music before long. (How could we resist?)

Guess it's time to look into this a little deeper and see what type of CPA this new advertising venue has to offer.

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