Thursday, July 14, 2005

Gator's Got A Search Engine

Claria, formerly Gator, the leader in behavioural pop-ups and other intrusive advertising, has announced that it is rolling out their own search engine.

Dubbed VistaLabs Search (obviously a beta name), the engine should start searching for a replacement of a buyer since Microsoft dropped out after too much bad press.

I wonder if they will put this online and tell about it in a pop-up - the bane of search engines.


  1. I have always DESPISED gator. For the longest time i couldn't get rid of those bastards. I hope their search engine gets hijacked by russian mobsters and ransomed for billions of dollars!

  2. LOL... nothing like a little venting... right now claria is proving a profitable source of income for us... and it is amasing how far they reach as far as language and countries.