Monday, March 8, 2010

RipOff Report Now Selling Links, Verifying Safe Cash4Gold

You have got to be kidding me right. Google still loves Ripoff Report and it seems they can do no wrong. They are selling links and verifying Cash4Gold stating:

"Ripoff Report has recently added Cash4Gold Company to its exclusive list of businesses who have qualified for "Verified" status. As a member, cash4gold has been shown to have a successful track record of customer satisfaction regarding its products and services.

Other online complaint sites have quite a few reports against Cash4Gold - guess Ripoff Report does not take them anymore because the list when doing a search for Cash4Gold on the Ripoff Report site - actually it has an extensive red letter list of reports saying they are good.

These guys need to be taken out of the search results. Come on Google - Yahoo and Microsoft do not give them the authority you have bestowed on them. Did Ed Mangedson make a large investment during the venture capital days?

Hey Matt - they even give opinions on search engine behavior cockily stating their reports have a way of finding their way back to the top results.

Paying to join their Consumer Advocacy Program "is the best way to manage and repair your business reputation. Hiding negative complaints is only a Band-Aid. Consumers want to see how a business took care of business".

"WARNING! Businesses who hire SEO companies to try and hide complaints, it does not work most of the time, and you have to keep paying them forever, and if it works consumers will still find the report even if it is on page 2, 3 or page 10. Search engines don’t like this kind of SEO!. Ask your SEO company to tell you what damage it does to your business with the search engines once SEO work is performed to try and move negative listings down!"

I wonder when they will be offering classes on how to do your own SEO. They know how to get their reports that they want people to pay when they pass the CAP. Just link other pages to them.

Come on Matt it really is time. AND they are link selling.

Ripoff Report is a blight in the search results and really needs to be removed.


  1. Hi Frank its Fionn how are you are you going to be at SES New York? This has been reported to Google many times no penalty for ROR if it was you or I we would be history I just do not understand it.

  2. they sell links and it should be so obvious for google to see it...what's going on behind the scene? does that mean we can all buy/sell links and not get penalized by Google?

  3. I found it kind of ironic that one of the biggest advertisers on the Ripoff Report is LifeLock. Yesterday the FTC nailed LifeLock with a multi-million dollar fine – LOL.

  4. I for one am happy RipOff Report exists. I was scammed by a moving company in the past, wrote a review and it ranks high on Google, above the main company. If that review gets yanked out other victims will follow

  5. I find it interesting that when I write an article on Hubpages:, Google removes it from the index (censors it) within a week, but this repository for libel for profit (ripoffreport) is rewarded.

  6. How can a company that will removed a bad report for s fee (extortion), be considered a credible source of information. There needs to be a rip-off report on RiffOff.