Saturday, August 8, 2009

Charity Is Good Karma: Come Join Us At SES IM Chairity Party

Okay folks I know we have all been going through the pinch of the economy, but it is time to give to those even less fortunate. And maybe it will give you a little karma.

The IM Charity Party will be held Wednesday night during SES San Jose. Four hours of open bar and finger food all yours for the reasonable donation of $50.

Ever wanted to know how to meet and become friends with the people who have been in our industry for years. This is the event. Come and have some fun and help a good cause. Meet the people who can get you on the private dinner lists, get some great insights into the latest moves and changes in the space.

Helping others is good karma - but at IM Charity Party you also get drinks and food to go with that.

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