Friday, February 6, 2009

Helping SEOAly Come to IM Spring Break

Okay there is a game afoot and a new friend from Twitter @SEOAly is looking for a little help to win a prize to come. Have to help out... am speaking so am not eligible.

Okay 7 Things That Will Happen at IM Spring Break (lol - know there are bunches of things I can't write about).

1. There will be BOTW shirts and hoodies in abundance.
2. Google will be fairly and unfairly criticized.
3. Pics will be taken that many will wish weren't.
4. Twitter will be the main method of communication.
5. Outspoken Media will be inundated with work.
6. Money will be raised or charity.
7. Fishing will be a social media event.

Okay Aly you have another one under your belt. Good luck.

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  1. What should be done to help seo Aly to come up?