Monday, January 19, 2009

Watch Out For The Gypsies

Started the day early and really was getting things done. Putting out the usual Monday fires and gaining on my Promethean Rock. So thought a few minutes over at Twitter was earned.

But I wasn't there for more than two twits, when I checked my replies and was tagged by Harry (The Gypsy) David - bastard. Typical gypsy style - a meme - an electronic chain letter... worse than being rickrolled. So I have to list seven things you may not know about me - lol the hard part about this one is picking ones that will not need too much reputation management afterwards.

So here goes:

1. I have a signed picture of my brother and I with Robert Kennedy - a prized possession. My mother worked for him before he was shot and we met him a few times when we were over here from school in Australia.

2. I just erased one that can only be told in person - so ask me about that one next time you see me! (cheating a little so okay I have two kids 16 and 13)

3. I love cooking shows - but have never turned on the gas for my stove in my apartment. Silly really watching the Food Network and those reality cooking shows but never using any of the knowledge gained apart from looking for the items on menus when I am out.

4. I have played in two bands when I was younger that went on to get record deals after I left - does it mean I was that bad - I say because I just did not have the commitment to starve for my art.

5. I really want to be a playwright - but again the starving thing has always stopped me from pursuing too long.

6. I used to be one of the best porn film title writers around - sorta glad I got that Masters degree in Journalism! I had originally come to the US to work for Sports Illustrated - loved sports reporting but again you got all the good stories after hours at the bars and it was hard stretching the salary. So I moonlighted doing anything and everything.

7. I co-founded a newspaper in 1985 that is still being published today. We started it on an Apple 2 and the first laser printer - both of which I bartered from Alphagraphics in return for advertising in the paper. Loads of fun beta testing Aldus Pagemaker and selling advertising for half cash and half barter - food, drinks, clothing and even free office space.

So okay that is my things you now know. And I am suppose to tag seven other people - let's see who I can get to actually complete this.

1. Lauren (the future Mrs Kid Rock) Vaccarello
2. Todd (Stuntdubl) Mailicoat
3. Avi (Fire Boy) Wilenski
4. Chris (The Senator) Winfield
5. Pat (FeedtheBot) Sexton
6. Lisa (The Lisa) Barone
7. Rhea (Don't Mess With Red) Drysdale


  1. Nice stuff Dr. Watson... while I do hate friggen memes I suppose it can be interesting learning about those we chat with every day.

    I am an avid amateur chef as well, though I try to actually implement the

    It looks like an interesting life you've had - Porn titles? lol... I can just imagine some of those mate.

    Sorry to have to do that to ya, but I thought tagging some of my new friends seemed the way to go (great way to keep new friends huh?)

    Have a great week, be seeing you out on the trails!!

  2. will see you at some conference soon no doubt - let's see if anyone follows or if all my friends are too smart to get caught - well maybe just too lazy