Thursday, July 17, 2008

My 12 Year Old Could Teach Yahoo and Microsoft About Fair Play

I am in Cooperstown this week watching my 12 year-old son play in the Hall of Fame Baseball Tournament. His team is 7-0 and on their way later today to play in the championship game - go Green Dogs.

I have been more proud of his sportsmanship and sense of fair play, than I am of his athletic accomplishments. Maybe the executives over at Microsoft and Yahoo could hire him to instill a sense of maturity.

As a stockholder I have lost confidence in Jerry's kids, but the actions of Microsoft and Carl Icahn have not thrilled me either. This is big business and most investors expect a level of professionalism from the companies we invest in and from the people who control them.

One of the teams in my son's tournament have displayed unsportsmanlike conduct and not just the kids but the coaches and parents. What chance do the children have if they see the adults behaving that way. My son's team has been upbeat, supportive of one another and are enjoying their days in the sun. When an opposing player got injured and taken away in an ambulance they were concerned and made sure to find out how he was doing at the end of the day.

Regardless of how the Yahoo/Microsoft deal plays out, I think both parties have lost perspective. What type of example are you showing your employees and investors?

Obviously this isn't the kids playing field - but maybe it should be!

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  1. Go Green Dogs! Love the name, not cardinals or tigers. Yep I remember all too well how the "adults" acted. The kids just wanna play and have fun. I actually had to ban a parent from attending games.
    Hey just get the employees (non management) together and they can probably work things out. After all, they'll be the ones doing the work.