Tuesday, June 10, 2008

If You Give A Mozz A Sandwich

I am hoping people are familiar with that classic "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" - if not it is a children's classic.

The recent post over at SEOMoz about XSS security was informative - well worth the sandwiches sent as payment by Search Engine Watch for the heads up.

So the story goes...

If you give a Mozz a sandwich he (or she) will probably want champagne to go with it.

Then after a bottle or two or three - they will most probably need to go to the bathroom.

When they get to the bathroom, they will probably notice that their eyes are bloodshot and want some Visine.

While they are waiting for you to get them the Visine, they will probably come up with some funny ideas for linkbait.

"Search Marketers With The Most Bloodshot Eyes At Conferences" will be created and deployed as another excellent blog entry.

People will get annoyed at their inebriation being plastered on the web, and a huge discourse will ensue on the Mozz blog. Sides will be drawn, links to the action will occur, but that just means more comments.

So when the traffic dies down and all the social networking is done they will be hungry and want more sandwiches.

Now if you happen to be used as the next reference - whatever you do - Do Not Give The Mozz A sandwich.... because......

Hope you guys liked the sandwiches Matt McGowan sent you last week. And Rebecca, Rand, Scott and Jane (figuring the order of who gets mad first)... I was joking and could not pass up the story... and I did not title it "If You Give A Moz A Cocktail" - that will be the sequel!

Darren I know you did not share in the sandwiches, but will buy you a drink when I see you at next conference.


  1. Am surprised no one hasleft a comment

  2. I am very upset that I was at the conference and did not get to enjoy a sandwich. However, I must say, this story is startlingly accurate and I do indeed carry Visine with me to all conferences. If I don't, my eyes come away looking like a highlighted nofollow link.

  3. I thought it was really funny, ha ha ha!