Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rename SMX: The Danny, Rand and Matt Show

I have heard disturbing rumors that Danny Sullivan is trying to get Google to change the Google Dance from SES San Jose to an SMX event, guess an alternative one for SMX is not on the agenda and the conference battle is down to who has the best parties.

Danny recruited me to the SEW forums when they first started and the community was less of a battlefield. And through a series of attritions - or should I say SMX acquisitions - I became the editor. Elisabeth Osmeloski was the first and by far the best person to have the role.

Our industry used to be a friendly and open space where industry leaders gladly shared information with everyone. Now it seems these people are being limited to what conference they can speak at.

I would like to know Danny if you have told people they can only speak at one or the other of the events. Never seemed to be the case but have heard that this is now being told to speakers.

SEOMoz who I have always considered friends have become partners of sorts with SMX - I noted the whole family spoke at one recent event - father, mother, brother, Rand and other Mozzers. Guess the late night champagne drinking after the SES conference sessions are over.

And Matt Cutts... if you spent more time at SMX events you would be hard pressed getting anything done at Google. I definitely thought SES New York was going to have your cat speak at the search engine for pets sessions but maybe you were told it was not allowed.

Add the addition of Vanessa Fox to the SEL/SMX team and I guess you could call the California offices 'Little Google'.

Hopefully I am wrong about all this and the speakers that once were free to speak at any and all events will be back at other events soon.

As a newly started online marketing agency I know the need to attend the major conferences to get yourself out there and to build contacts with the various vendors - but have been told am 'persona non grata' at SMX... now what could I possibly have done to merit that decision?


  1. Danny I was only asking questions... and thank you for the reply.

  2. Just saw this post as Aaron linked to it, and feel the urge to reply. I've spoken at both SMX and SES in recent months, and neither of them have EVER asked me not to speak at any of the other events. No I might not be the most high profile speaker out there (yet ;) ), so who knows, others might have different experiences.

    It's sad to see this kind of discussion going on, it's not helping the industry any further.

  3. Joost you are a well-known speaker mate...

    filling conference spots gets tougher as more conferences grow... the speakers themselves have to do other things...