Monday, January 21, 2008

You Sphinn Me Right Round Baby

John Andrews has been a successful internet marketer for quite some time. A little under the radar (which I am sure he will smile about if he reads this) until recently, but is well known by many experienced long-term netters.

There have been recent controversies - but anyone that reads his blog knows he offers great advise about so many things that most people keep to themselves.

Right now he is shooting for a record number of Sphinns for an article he wrote half a year ago. Clever and I wish I had thought about it first... maybe not quite kosher but hey just the creativity is worth a blind eye by the SEL crew.

He has given us ideas on how to use social media and for that matter all online media.

John I liked your suggestions on Sphinning for Links and know the soon to be long standing record for the effort for 300 will be successful. Someone has to be the King of "Sphinnbait".

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